As Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, has been at the helm for 10 years, he and his senior lieutenants are focusing more on developing a new generation of company leaders. At present, all members of Cook’s management team are senior vice presidents who have worked at Apple for more than 20 years and have earned tens of millions of dollars, aged 55 to 60. This, combined with Apple’s corporate planning, has prompted apple to start training the next group of top executives, people familiar with the matter said. < p > < p > cook succeeded Steve Jobs in August 2011. Under his leadership, Apple has become the world’s largest company by market value, and the first company in the United States with a market value of more than $2 trillion. Even so, the next generation of executives still need to deal with the growing threat of antitrust around the world, build closer relationships with app developers, and look for new devices or services that can surpass the iPhone. At present, cook has not indicated that he is ready to retire. But Jeff Williams, 57, is seen as the first choice to succeed Apple’s chief executive. Williams has been managing Apple’s global operations under cook for the past few years. In 2013, he took over the development of Apple watch and apple health project. Last year, Williams also began to take charge of hardware and software design. < p > < p > Williams is as pragmatic as cook in many ways and is an operations focused executive, not a product visionary like jobs or former design director Jony ive. Apple has been successful under cook, and the board is unlikely to want to change that model. Greg joswiak, 56, replaced Phil Schiller as Apple’s senior vice president of global marketing in August, but according to people familiar with the matter, Schiller, 60, has been gradually transferring responsibilities for many years. < / P > < p > Apple’s product marketing business is not just about advertising, it also helps to screen features added to devices and helps manage product development. He joined apple in the 1980s, about three years younger than his retiring predecessor. According to people familiar with the matter, Apple’s most likely successor is kaiann drance, 42, the newly appointed Vice President of iPhone marketing. Other potential competitors include Stan ng and Susan Prescott. Stan Wu is currently the vice president in charge of Apple watch marketing. Since the late 1990s, Stan Wu has been the mainstay of Apple’s marketing department, from Macs to iPods, and then engaged in iPhone marketing before the release of Apple watches. Prescott, 55, is in charge of applications and corporate marketing. < p > < p > Craig federighi, 51, is the youngest member of Apple’s executive team and is likely to stay in his current position for a few more years. But if he steps down, at least two of his deputies could take over as head of software engineering. < p > < p > Sebastien marineu – MES, vice president of intelligent systems experience, and Jon Andrews, vice president of coreos, who took office last year, are seen as the most likely executives to be promoted. Coreos, which Andrews is responsible for, is the basis of Apple’s operating system, mainly dealing with the underlying functions such as wireless network and file system. Marino mace was in charge of Andrews, but was transferred in 2016 to take charge of photos, camera applications and system security. Recently, Marino mace turned to the new IOS 14 system widget and other functions. < / P > < p > service business is one of Apple’s fastest growing areas, and also a key factor in driving device sales. Eddy cue, 55, was appointed senior vice president of the Department in 2011. Peter stern, 48, is seen as Kui’s most suitable successor. < p > < p > stern joined apple from Time Warner Cable in 2016 and is a content trading matchmaker. He currently oversees Apple video content and is responsible for apple news, apple books, icloud and the company’s advertising platform. Last year, stern also assisted in the development of Apple’s TV applications and was responsible for promoting Apple’s service bundle business. < / P > < p > Apple’s operations department is probably the most important department in the company. The team is responsible for producing hundreds of millions of devices in Asian plants and sending them around the world. Operations must also develop manufacturing technology, purchase parts and reach cooperation agreements with suppliers. Last year, apple appointed Sabih Khan, 54, as senior vice president of operations. The most likely long-term successor is Priya balasubramaniam, head of iPhone operations, according to people familiar with the matter. Balasu brahmaniyam has been with apple for nearly 20 years and has been running the iPhone since 2014. She is responsible for iPhone production, supply chain and network maintenance. < p > < p > Dan Riccio, 57, has been in charge of Apple’s hardware engineering department since 2012, responsible for the hardware development of almost all Apple devices. In recent years, John Ternus has been steadily improving. As Riccio’s senior deputy, tenas, 45, is in charge of iPad and MAC hardware engineering, and recently developed a new design for the iPad pro. Tenas also played a key role in the company’s transition from Intel chips to Apple silicon. < p > < p > the hardware technology division led by Johnny sruji mainly develops chips for iPhones, iPads and apple watches. Mr. sluggy, 55, joined apple in 2008 and was named an apple executive in 2015. None of the direct reports had the influence of sluggie. But sribalan santhanam, 54, is most likely to take over if Mr. sluggi steps down or retires, people familiar with the matter said. < p > < p > santanam joined apple in 2008, when its company P.A. semi was acquired by apple. With the recent launch of the iPhone 11 processor, santanam’s popularity has increased, and he is also one of the main players in the transformation of Apple’s MAC processor. < p > < p > last year, when Angela ahrendts resigned as Apple’s Retail Director, cook promoted insider Deirdre O & 39; Brien. If the 54 year old O’Brien resigns, Apple may once again consider splitting the position into two positions, one for human resources management and one for retail operations in major regions. < p > < p > in 2014, one year before the retirement of former Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer, apple recruited the current CFO Luca Maestri from Xerox. If Maestro leaves, Apple could consider Saori Casey, the current Vice President of finance, who oversees the company’s accounts and prepares the company’s financial statements. < p > < p > for the past two years, Apple has hired outsiders as its chief legal adviser: Kate Adams, 56, from Honeywell and Bruce Sewell from Intel. < p > < p > Apple’s senior vice president for machine learning and artificial intelligence strategy is John giannandrea, 55. If Gianni Andrei leaves apple, it is not clear who will replace him, or that Apple will reintegrate the division into software engineering. 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