The “takeaway rider, trapped in the system” of “people” ignited the social mood. Not only did many people’s circle of friends around him be brushed, but also that night, when one of the protagonists of the story was hungry, he launched a product improvement action of “would you like to give me 5 more minutes” to open it to users and give more 5 to riders The group also made a promise to improve on the next day. < / P > < p > riders, a group of millions of people, have carried a lot of social values in the past few years, and the improvement of urban social life experience is inseparable from the existence of this group. It’s very meaningful to pay attention to the pressure they encounter. I think people really raises a good question. < / P > < p > are you hungry? The option of “5 minutes more” will be given to users first. Although it is an optional option for payment, it will require users to take more actions to actively choose, but there will still be a small number of users participating. < / P > < p > in fact, if this option is the default option, but if you can click “urgent” when you are in a hurry, the love effect for the rider will be more obvious. Of course, I understand that doing so will become “hungry? Five minutes slower than meituan”. This is very dangerous in the business competition, and it is also a little tied to the user’s love. It is really difficult to do so. < / P > < p > assuming that this new option can enable users to maintain a certain level of love and dedication to the riders for a long time (depending on how you understand the society), this can indeed reduce the pressure on riders and platform operation efficiency to a certain extent. < / P > < p > but this is not without reaction force. Because the income of each delivery does not rise, if riders really spend these five minutes more, in fact, the lengthening of delivery time of each order will lead to the decline of unit quantity in their daily working hours and the decline of their actual income. < / P > < p > in fact, I dare not say that “it’s OK to be relaxed” because everyone has different choices. Some people want to make more money, while others want to ease down. No one can choose for them. If they can’t make a good choice, it will become a false justice of kidnapping each other < / P > < p > in the end, I found that the user’s love giving method will not greatly relieve the rider’s pressure, and can make the riders less punished by some platforms when they are late. < / P > < p > so if we want to solve this problem better, let’s ask meituan to do the same. We all need to slow down for five minutes. In order to improve the income of the riders, we will raise the price together, and all the rising prices will be given to the riders. Will this solve the problem? < / P > < p > but I don’t think it’s right for us users to spend money on services. When it comes to solving the problem, how can your platform join hands to let our users “show love”? Isn’t this your problem? Users trust you and expect you to bring stable and reasonable services. If you have any problems, you will become the organizer of “large-scale public welfare activities”? But is this not to cover up incompetence and shift contradictions? < / P > < p > when I think about this, I feel very angry. Fortunately, I found out that I was “deducing” in time. This has not happened yet. Are you hungry? Maybe it’s just a little stress reaction that leads to the “drama”. < / P > < p > so, what is the real answer? If it is just a catharsis of our feelings, a “public relations crisis” response faced by takeout enterprises, and a short-term pressure relief for the riders because of sympathy, then with the passage of time, it will only leave some talks, and will not leave any meaningful promotion for the industry and society. < / P > < p > and this answer needs to be answered seriously by the takeaway platform. This just needs to go back to the system and seek the “optimal solution”, rather than dismantling the user’s east wall and mending the rider’s west wall. < p > < p > the reason why meituan and hungry Momo can exist is that it brings more business to restaurants, more convenience to consumers, more job opportunities for riders, and more business benefits for themselves. < / P > < p > the core of takeout’s rise in that year was the rise of mobile Internet, which linked demand and supply, and then supported an efficient “offline performance” system through intelligent deployment system. < / P > < p > at the beginning of the birth of takeout, there was not so much internal pressure in the system, because compared with the traditional restaurant food + delivery system, takeout really built a more reasonable scale benefit and greater market connection. This huge and reasonable efficiency improvement did not rob anyone, and then the participants in the system got more profits. However, when this 10-year change is gradually completed and the dividend of the first system transition reaches the limit, the basic and surface problems are solved, and all the remaining problems are hard to chew. In other words, the digitization promoted by technology companies comes to the deep water area, and the unbalanced pressure in the system appears. < / P > < p > the imbalance of pressure in the system first comes from market competition. Faster delivery speed and lower delivery cost will enable enough users to form a stable platform choice. Because the takeout platform has competition with consumers, consumers will naturally be spoiled and become the people who enjoy the system efficiency and benefit the most. < / P > < p > on the other side, there is a high wall of efficiency on the supply side that is difficult to climb. The non-standard and diversified products of the catering industry, as well as the extremely low concentration of the industry, all lead to the “connection” of demand. After the connection of the delivery capacity, the catering industry has only solved the marketing and sales problems, and the original supply side problems remain unchanged, which can be said to be efficiency When you step up a step, there is no new step to go up. As a result, both ends of the system are blocked, and the distribution system becomes the only space that can be optimized and improved in the system. This may be the root cause of the great pressure we see today. < / P > < p > the reason why it is not very useful for consumers to be “patient” is that it does not increase the common growth of multiple values in the system, but rather robs Peter to pay Paul. Even with the progress of Chinese society, more and more people are willing to understand the hard work of riders, then the platform should better use these goodwill. < / P > < p > for example, can we predict whether the delivery time of this order is tight, whether we can ask the user for delay authorization when we are expected to be late, and whether we can make more reasonable rather than simple and rough rules in the overtime penalty system. A large amount of data is in the hands of the platform. It’s a waste of goodwill to let users give love in batches. The most important thing is that no matter how well it is done, it is not the fundamental way to solve the problem. All promising organizations will pursue greater advanced nature to drive the overall growth of the ecosystem, rather than to continue and squeeze value by balancing the delicate system. < / P > < p > today, there is still 10 times more incremental market space in the field of life services. The real competition between meituan and hungry mo (as well as Ali behind it) must not be these micro manipulation techniques of balancing. It should be who can face the real problems more directly and come up with the real answers, so that the slow down delivery system can break through the wall of efficiency reasonably. However, it is too deep into the industry, too heavy, too complex, too concerned about strategic determination, and too unlikely to “follow the trend”. < p > < p > for example, there is a detail in the article “people”. The rider is very anxious when waiting for a meal, because this part of time can not be calculated and predicted. So they have to use various ways to find ways to get close to the people in the restaurant, strive to get the meal early, and leave time for the next delivery. < / P > < p > I guess the uncertain time in this part is likely to be more than 5 minutes, which means that if this part of time is determined, then consumers can receive hot takeout in 30 minutes, and riders can also have more ample delivery time. < / P > < p > as well as the unreasonable route allocation and overtime punishment rules which are rigid to counteract, there must be reasons behind them that are difficult to solve. But can these visible problems really not be solved? < / P > < p > I really can’t say how to solve this problem. But these are real problems that seem more worth solving. Solve the whole ecological ability to go up. Therefore, the takeout platform that can solve this “real problem, big problem and difficult problem” should win a bigger market, which is their competition rules. < / P > < p > if we don’t, we will go into the system involution, and we will start to discuss whether the distribution of interests is reasonable, whether the labor relations are evil, and whether the market-oriented commerce has a positive effect on social development If the productive forces do not progress, they will certainly face the tension of production relations. If the reverse of history is in the field of technology and Internet, it is really a disgrace. < / P > < p > if there is only “following the trend” in mind, without the “real, big and difficult” problem, and no matter how big a technology company is, how high its market value is, and what kind of giant’s support is behind it, you will eventually see its own limit. Global Tech