Amazon announced today that Amazon Prime users can now pick up the groceries of 487 whole foods stores in the United States within an hour without any additional charges. Previously, the service was only available in some stores, and orders costing $35 or more were eligible to take delivery of thousands of items, including fresh agricultural products, meat and seafood. < / P > < p > during the covid-19 pandemic, self pickup became more and more popular as people kept social distance. From electronics retailers like best buy to local restaurants, they rely on it to keep people shopping safely. But Amazon said the trend is expected to continue even after the worst of the outbreak, citing research showing that nearly 68% plan to continue using the pick-up service in the future. < / P > < p > this is the latest expansion of whole foods’ pickup service this year. As early as April, the company expanded the service from about 80 stores to more than 150. < / P > < p > whole foods is not the only company to expand its pick-up options. As early as June, target announced plans to provide pick-up service for fresh groceries in more than 1500 stores before this year’s holiday. At the same time, Wal Mart offers grocery pick-up service in hundreds of stores across the country. At present, the size of the retail outlets of the two stores dwarfs that of the whole food supermarket. Wal Mart has more than 4700 stores in the United States, while target has more than 1800 stores, compared with less than 500 stores in whole food. < p > < p > Amazon says customers can get their pick-up service through their apps or the whole foods tag on their website. At checkout, select the pick-up window for an hour, and then use the app to let the store know you’re on your way. Amazon says most people arrive at the store and wait only a minute to receive their order. Global Tech