Since late October, it has been reported on the Internet that Shentong, Yunda and other Tongda companies have jointly blocked the “black horse” express delivery in the express industry. It is strictly prohibited for its affiliated franchisees to act for or cooperate with the express delivery industry. There are also various punishment measures along with it. As a result of this “ban” incident, the originally unknown polar rabbit Express has been concerned, well-known and even revealed layer by layer. It turns out that the rabbit, which recently caused the fear of the Tongda giant, originated in Southeast Asia. In March this year, it started to launch its network in China, and it took only seven or eight months to reach a daily order of 10 million. < / P > < p > as a fledgling new role, the reason why the extremely rabbit can grow so fast has a lot to do with the support of shipping bills. In fact, because of the “one door” relationship between Li Jie, the founder of polar rabbit and Huang Zheng, founder of pinduoduo, and the close business relationship between the two companies, Jitu has been labeled as “pinduoduo express” by the outside world. The ban also has the meaning of Ali vs pinduoduo. < / P > < p > but for now, it’s hard to kill this rabbit. China’s over competitive express delivery industry, as well as the rabbit’s expansion strategy, make it in the seemingly grim environment, can find its own survival gap. < / P > < p > in this “ban” incident, the official documents of Tongda company are not lax. For example, Yunda has issued the notice on banning the agency of extreme rabbit business in the whole network on its intranet. Its affiliated franchisees are not allowed to join the network and contract area of geek rabbit, and they are not allowed to act as the agent for the express delivery business at both ends of the agency. Violators will be fined 1000 yuan, and those in serious cases will be dismissed. < p > < p > Shentong and Yuantong have also issued similar documents in the past. According to media reports, in early November, Yuantong released the “notice on punishment of acting as an agent of polar rabbit business” on its intranet, which said that 144 branches of the company were found to have violated the regulations, and the branches that violated the regulations were fined 30000 yuan. However, pinplay learned from many Yuantong and Yunda couriers in Chaoyang District of Beijing that the documents issued by the head office have little influence and binding force on all outlets, and one of them has a relatively complete understanding of the “ban” of polar rabbits only through media reports. With these decisions made by the head office of Tongda department, the following companies will tell the outside world how to suppress the extreme rabbit, but the substantial impact is not big. ” Mr. Zhao is a very rabbit franchisee in a certain area of Dalian, Liaoning Province. In his opinion, these orders issued by the upper level of Tongda department have little impact on the terminal outlets. < / P > < p > in the years of development, Tongda Department mostly adopts the way of joining to develop the national distribution network. Franchisees contract express business according to the region, and usually bear their own profits and losses. Therefore, making more and less depends on the efforts of each network. Since the rabbit in the domestic network, there are other express company franchisees to do the rabbit’s agent business. For them, the warehouse and courier are ready-made, at the same time with a certain amount of experience in the operation of outlets, acting for the rabbit is also a matter of the way, but also can earn a share of money, why not? However, in the view of Tongda head office, this is “making a wedding dress for others”. Therefore, it can not tolerate the terminal outlets developed by itself over the years to help competitors build up logistics networks and let them gradually develop and expand to carve up their own market. This is the reason for the ban and boycott. Around 2014, Li Jie, the right-hand man of oppo, was sent to Indonesia to explore the Southeast Asian market. There, Li Jie not only took four years to increase oppo’s market share from zero to 10%, but also found a huge business opportunity of express logistics in the process of operating oppo, and founded J & t express. After four or five years of development, the express company has gradually grown and expanded. In addition to its base camp Indonesia, it has gradually covered six Southeast Asian countries, including Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. The volume of Waybill once reached the first in Indonesia and the second in Southeast Asia. < p > < p > by the end of 2019, polar rabbit turned its attention back to China and began to actively build its domestic network. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, it was not officially launched until March this year. According to the official website, by September this year, polar rabbit has achieved the distribution network coverage of provinces and cities across the country, with more than 1500 transport trunk lines and more than 2000 transport vehicles. < / P > < p > it is reported that due to the origin of the relationship between the two parties, or step by step, in the early stage of networking, many oppo and vivo channel vendors changed their minds and became the first-class franchisees of extreme rabbit. Although the two industries of mobile phone and express seem to have little relationship, on the one hand, the channel operators have certain sinking channel resources; on the other hand, the mobile phone market tends to be saturated, and the channel operators are eager to find another way out. The “black horse” of Jitu just provides them with new opportunities. < / P > < p > in fact, it’s not just franchisees. According to Mr. Zhao, there are many managers from oppo in Jitu company, “I have a good relationship with many people in the oppo system. I believe in the extreme rabbit, is equivalent to believe in the oppo. Due to the trust under the endorsement of oppo, Mr. Zhao started to contract the business in a certain area of Dalian in August this year, and officially joined the geek rabbit. The franchise fee is determined according to the size of the region and the volume of goods. For example, the area reported by Mr. Zhao is “10 + 10”, that is, the franchise fee of RMB 100000 plus the deposit of RMB 100000. < / P > < p > in addition to the franchise fee, other investment is not small. In Mr. Zhao’s network, there are 6 couriers, 3 drivers and some packing people, plus the stationmaster, customer service, etc., if the supporting facilities are complete, more than 10 people will be needed. In addition, there are warehouse leasing and other early investment, including all human and material resources, the cost of a month is about 300000. < p > < p > before the double 11 this year, Mr. Zhao’s outlets had about 3000 orders per day, and the delivery fee from Jitu was about 1.1 yuan and 1.2 yuan per piece. If you choose to cooperate with the post station, the post station will charge 0.5 yuan per order, and the rest of the money is their own income. < / P > < p > in addition to delivery, express outlets also have a part of revenue from receiving. Before the double 11, the number of orders received by the branch was about 1000 per day. On the whole, “our delivery volume is high in Dalian.”. < / P > < p > in fact, the mail demand in this area may be higher than 1000 pieces. However, Mr. Zhao, who has limited transportation capacity, is not greedy and only wants to do business well within the scope of his ability. “When I went to talk about customers, the customers sent me 3000 pieces, but I said that only 1000 pieces would be enough, and I couldn’t deliver more. When negotiating business with big customers, the price should be favorable. It’s OK to earn 30 cents a piece. But the charge of normal piece is similar to the market price of other express delivery. ” At the same time, Mr. Zhao has a certain understanding of the turnover price of outlets. He said that now the extremely rabbit has just developed, the franchise price is not high. Compared with the daily express delivery, their Dalian branch receives and receives about 500 pieces of mail every day, and the transfer price is 200000 yuan. However, his own single quantity is 8 times of the other party’s. although it can’t sell for 1.6 million yuan, it is still possible to buy 1 million yuan. < p > < p > when asked about Tongda’s ban on polar rabbits, Mr. Zhao thought that his business had not been greatly affected. At the same time, he also understood the starting point of Tongda system: “the express industry has developed to the present, and many companies have fallen. Originally, the development of “three links and one access” was very stable, and the competition between them was normal. Suddenly, a person (extreme rabbit) disrupted this pattern. Pinduoduo, if you give all the goods to the rabbit, you have to pour at least one of the three links. ” Mr. Zhao referred to pinduoduo, which is also the main reason why other express delivery giants are worried. According to the feedback of some pinduoduo users, the default express delivery after they place an order is very rabbit, and pinduoduo is listed as the first partner on the official website of pinduoduo. < p > < p > in fact, it has been unable to erase the label of pinduoduo system on its body since its “debut” in China. In addition to the current known express business cooperation, the two have a long history in the past. < / P > < p > as mentioned earlier, jetu express started its business with oppo. Duan Yongping, the boss of oppo, is also a pinduoduo investor. In addition, Li Jie and Huang Zheng have been promoted by Duan Yongping, which can be said to be “going out of the same door”. This will even let Mr. Zhao such franchisees have such a cognition: “pinduoduo and the rabbit behind is the same boss.”. From this, we can see that the internal staff of polar rabbit also believe in the deep cooperation relationship between pinduoduo and polar rabbit. < / P > < p > in addition to these “shadowy” speculation, the cooperation between GEE rabbit and pinduoduo has real benefits. If we say that the purpose of the cooperation between Jitu and pinduoduo is to share a share of the domestic express industry, what pinduoduo sees in this matter is the opportunity to build an independent express delivery system. Alibaba, the fierce rival of pinduoduo, has been targeting the express delivery industry. Since it took a stake in Baishi Huitong in 2008, it has successively made strategic investments in Yuantong, Shentong and Yunda, marking them all as “Ali Department”. It can be said that half of the express industry has entered the Internet. < / P > < p > however, pinduoduo started later than Alibaba, and its accumulation in the express industry is far less than that of Alibaba. For e-commerce platforms, logistics channels are so important. If pinduoduo fails to support its own express company, it will always be constrained by Alibaba. Therefore, win-win cooperation is a favorable choice for pinduoduo and Bitu. < p > < p > through his own high-level channels, Mr. Zhao learned that after the cooperation between the two, “put together more and more, let the extreme rabbit cut into the port, so that all outlets can eat first. If there is no problem, the unit quantity will gradually increase. According to the data given to me by the company, 10% of the goods in pinduoduo are on the side of the pole rabbit. If it reaches 100%, we will be out of stock, completely out of order. ” This gradual development model also makes people believe that there is a long-term cooperation agreement and tacit understanding between Jitu and pinduoduo. It can be reasonably speculated that with the continuous improvement of polar rabbit express network, pinduoduo’s waybill will be more inclined to it, and if the rabbit can break through the tight encirclement, it also means that pinduoduo can finally compete with Alibaba in the express industry. On the surface, this “ban” seems to be the fear of black horse by the highly competitive express delivery industry, but what is behind it is still the dispute between Ali department and pinduoduo department. Global Tech