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This wave of reports made countless dota2 players applaud, calling Zheng Xiang “the light of Zheng Dao”. The excitement was the same as when the protagonist called the three magic gods when he read the cartoon “game king” (he really did it).

Why are players so happy when their favorite game operators are reported? Because you’ve been a gambling website for a long time.

In fact, zard’s reasons for reporting dota2 are not fabricated. Due to the impact of the epidemic, many major events of dota2 have been cancelled, and the number of gambling websites has become very rare (there is only a DPC League recently).

Sometimes, the popularity of small games is not as high as that of big anchors. Therefore, some gambling websites have set up a special slot for the anchors, including but not limited to dota2, hero League, peace elite and other popular game anchors. As for the bet options, there are various, including the winner, the game market, the number of people killed and so on.

In this interface, we can see zard standing out, because he is also the head anchor of a fish dota2 area, and gambling websites will definitely not let him go.

Gambling websites will find some high score players and ask them to change their ID to the website’s website address for publicity. As long as the anchor starts broadcasting, these players will watch and line up the game with the anchor. As long as they line up together, they can get money from both the anchor and the opposite side. After all, if they appear in the live video, even if they get tens of thousands of exposures at once, they will make money.

When the audience sees these IDS in the live broadcast, some people can’t help searching or even betting to improve their “sense of participation” in watching the live broadcast. As a result, players can always see some strange IDS, sometimes there are three or four in a game, which are called “advertising dogs”.

Moreover, these players will go to the gambling website to bet on the winning or losing of the game. In this kind of 5v5 game, as long as they release a little water, the situation will become 4V6 or even 3v7, and it is easy to control the outcome of the game. Therefore, they are also called “actors” by the audience, which makes the highly skilled anchor feel powerless.

At first, zard fought against such people, but he couldn’t beat these high score players. Later, when he met these “advertising dogs”, he would quit the game in seconds, but the price was that he was punished by the system for a period of time and was forbidden to play the game.

As he said, “it’s them who disgust people. Why should I be punished?”. As for some other high score anchors, they are disgusted by these actors and only find acquaintances to open black rooms (5v5 self built rooms) or play other games.

It can be said that not only the anchor, but also most of the innocent audience’s viewing experience has been destroyed. It’s too magical to see the content of dota2 in the dota2 live broadcast area. If it goes on like this, dota2 will really die. That’s why zard decided to tweet. Before that, perfect world did take some measures for this situation, such as screening the characters of these web addresses by detecting the ID.

However, these measures did not achieve good results. The actors easily bypassed the screen and continued to advertise by means of “Martian Language”. In addition, the perfect world has never taken any decent measures to combat this kind of behavior.

Until this time, zard finally couldn’t help it. He was determined to die together with dota2 national service and made a report, which was forwarded by many dota2 netizens and big v. XG refers to Zheng xiangjue

This incident even once caught fire outside the circle. After all, although there are not many people playing dota2, its popularity is still very high. With the growing online support for zard, perfect world finally responded in time.

In this announcement, perfect world opened a “reporting channel” for players, and detailed the reporting format and reporting methods, full of desire for survival.

After the announcement, dota2’s official microblog also published two batches of blocked accounts, banning them for 12 months.

Although the perfect world’s response to this matter has been quite rapid, and the effect is also good, the next day the home page bureau basically can’t see the figure of the advertisement, zard also chose to hide the previous micro blog.

However, netizens under dota2’s official microblog are still not very satisfied with their comments, including the discussion on the disappointment of “late justice” and the lightness of the ban.

And the most representative of most of the players’ voice is probably this sentence “official don’t do business”.

Take a look at Tencent next door. The announcement issued late at night on the same day also dealt with illegal website publicity and other issues. More than 80000 accounts were banned in one day, and they were severely punished for 10 years.

Although being banned so many accounts at a time has a direct relationship with the large number of players in league of heroes, we can also see the difference in the official attitude towards such things from the degree of punishment. Old players all know that dota2’s two operators, one is a foreign valve, the other is a domestic perfect world. They are both famous non operators.

It’s not for no reason that valve’s dota2 Department has been jokingly called a resort. You never know what these employees are doing at work, or even if they are. Their boss, G Pang, hasn’t been back to the United States since he was quarantined in New Zealand last year. He took a year’s holiday and applied for a wave of New Zealand residency. It’s a traditional art of the company to come on holiday.

Looking back at dota2, how many events can there be in addition to three or four official competitions every year? How many years has national service been promoted?

Compared with the “League of heroes” overwhelming propaganda and stable League mechanism, dota2 players naturally have tears in their eyes. However, the official attitude towards this is basically “you continue to scold, I am at will”. Anyway, the game will never die.