Almost all friends who know the hardware will know that the shape of the CPU is a square metal thick piece. There are also rectangular versions, of course. The upper surface is flat and smooth, while the lower surface has metal contacts or pins. Although we default the shape of the CPU to be rectangular, we don’t know if any partners have ever thought about why the CPU is not made into a circle? < / P > < p > before answering this question, we should first give you a science popularization. What we can see with our eyes and touch with our hands is not the body of CPU, but its packaging. The CPU body chip is firmly installed in the center of the package. It’s no coincidence that the shape of the CPU chip is also rectangular, so let’s talk about why the real CPU chip is of this shape. < / P > < p > many students may know that CPU chips are made of sand. I wonder if there is any contribution of general manager Lei to selling mobile phone chips into sand. < p > < p > sand is made of silicon dioxide. We extract silicon from it to make a thick and long single crystal silicon rod, and then cut it into thin, round silicon wafers, which we are more familiar with. < / P > < p > until now, the wafer is still round, which is the origin of its name. After a series of complex processing, including ion implantation, electroplating, photolithography and so on, many small CPU prototypes appeared on this wafer. < p > < p > then the wafer is segmented to separate the CPU chips from each other, and the unqualified parts are removed, and the remaining CPU chips are qualified. < / P > < p > then put the CPU chip on a PCB, cover it with an aluminum cover, and connect it with brazing or silicone grease in the middle, and the CPU we can see is ready. (of course, it’s not so simple. It’s too long to talk about it) < / P > < p > some students may be confused. Is there any inevitable relationship between the production process of CPU and why it is square? In fact, we know that the CPU cube is cut from a huge round pie. In order to reduce the cost, the more copies of this big cake must be cut, the better. < / P > < p > if you cut many circular areas from one plane, the remaining gaps between circles are completely wasted, while cutting many small squares can completely eliminate gaps, leaving only a few wasted areas at the edge of the wafer. < / P > < p > at the same time, we should also consider the difficulty of cutting. Of course, straight cutting is many times simpler than curve cutting. In this case, the process is more simple, and the yield of CPU can be improved to a certain extent. So in fact, the answer to this question is not complicated. The CPU is square, just because the square is easier to cut and the utilization rate is higher, and the least waste. < / P > < p > although cost control is the inevitable result of profit-seeking of enterprises, it is also the sub cost control, which enables us to buy one of the highest crystallization of human science and technology for only a few thousand or hundreds of yuan. Take a look at the CPU in front of the host, can you feel the beauty of wisdom condensation? Privacy Policy