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NASA launched the latest &quot on the surface of Mars earlier this year; the &quot of perseverance; Mars rover, which is still on the map of Mars, but many people do not know that there is a twin on the planet, the same as the “perseverance”, called " OPTIMISM&quot. The rover is as like as two peas in the same engineering, with the same size, the same mobile system and speed, and the same unique remote sensing quality. It can also run autonomously. < / P > < p > optimism has been completed and moved into the garage of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California. Next week, engineers plan to take optimism to the Martian courtyard, where there is a patch of laterite filled with rocks and other obstacles to simulate the surface of Mars. Optimism is actually a test robot designed to be as close as possible to the actual mission that will take place on Mars. < / P > < p > optimism will be used to measure the performance of hardware and software before sending any instructions to Fortis on Mars. This full-scale rover on earth will help complete a suite of software tests, allowing the team to send patches to perseverance on the way to Mars and after landing. < / P > < p > optimism also has the complete set of scientific instruments, cameras and computer brains on the & quot; will & quot; except that & quot; perseverance & quot; is powered by a nuclear battery, while optimism uses a power and Ethernet connection plugged into the & quot; umbilical cord. Optimism also has a cooling system that allows it to operate reliably in warm southern California climates. Global Tech