“From e-commerce war to takeout war, from online car Hailing to bike sharing, it is still a familiar formula and a familiar taste.” The shopkeeper at your door may not have dreamed that they suddenly stand in the wind of group buying in the community – applying to be the team leader, helping to sell vegetables, waiting to collect money. What happened behind it? In the future, can the peddlers who rely on “earning difference” survive? < / P > < p > consumers are also crazy about collecting wool. Local chickens of 15 yuan (2.7 kg), a bag of salt (1 cent) and vegetables of more than 1 kg (1 kg) are everywhere. New users can even buy a dish for 1 cent. The price after group purchase subsidy in the community is greatly different from that in large supermarkets. How to buy it properly. < / P > < p > a community group buying platform told zhongxin.com that most of the commodities on the platform are 50% off the market price, while the prices of some popular products are less than 2% of the market price. < / P > < p > Why do community group buying focus on selling vegetables first? Because, in today’s increasingly expensive Internet traffic, buying vegetables, as a high-frequency scene of public life, is simply the engine of Internet traffic. It can not only guide the flow, but also leave a lot of imagination for the platform to expand into many categories or even all categories once the user’s habits are formed. < / P > < p > this kind of thing is happening, not only vegetables and fresh food, but also some community group buying has gradually added beauty and skin care, clothing, home textiles and even digital electrical appliances, just like a comprehensive department store. Therefore, e-commerce giants such as Ali, Jingdong and pinduoduo have to pay attention to it. Ali invested in the ten Hui group, and layout box horse to participate in the war; pinduoduo launched to buy more vegetables. Another media reported on the 3rd that at the Jingdong senior executives’ morning meeting on November 30, CEO Liu qiangdong of Jingdong group proposed that he would personally lead the team and lead Jingdong to fight a good community group buying battle. < / P > < p > other Internet giants have also joined the community group buying battlefield. Didi launched orange heart optimization, meituan launched meituan optimization online, while Tencent invested in Xingsheng optimization. Tencent is also a shareholder of pinduoduo, didi and meituan, and staged another version of “thousand regiments war”. < / P > < p > a platform told China news network reporters, “during this year’s epidemic, there was a large number of non-contact community shopping needs in the market, which should be convenient, cheap and high-quality. After investigation, we found that the new consumption habits of community residents have changed, which is the reason why we enter the community group buying. ” However, behind the popularity of group buying in the community, there is a view that it may take away the livelihood of tens of thousands of vegetable peddlers. “I destroy you, it has nothing to do with you”, which has been verified many times in the Internet industry, now falls into the scene of selling vegetables, and it needs to be verified in the future. < / P > < p > why? The mode of community group buying is that the community group buying platform purchases goods according to the demand, delivers the goods directly from the warehouse, and then delivers them to the place designated by the team leader, and the consumers pick up the goods by themselves. < / P > < p > “how many chances do you think the peddlers can win by eliminating the price difference between the middlemen and the subsidy war?” “I ran a restaurant from dawn to dusk, and finally found out that our vegetable price was the same as the retail price.” Some netizens leave messages like this. < p > < p > Li Jianhua, vice president of the e-commerce industry branch of the National Vocational Education Research Institute, believes that generally speaking, the industries that Internet enterprises enter into will inevitably set off a bloodbath and rebuild the “rules of the game”. < / P > < p > the reporter noted that in order to cope with the impact, some agricultural products wholesale markets have also launched their own community group purchase platforms, which only operate locally and compete with Xingsheng. Tiktok and other social platforms, a vegetable vendor has noticed this situation, and voicing is helpless for community group purchase. < / P > < p > in addition to the future of vegetable vendors, the development trend of community group buying is also related to the fate of the team leader. According to media reports, at present, many regiments are paid more than 10000 a month. But can this high salary last forever? < / P > < p > one of the core advantages of the head of the team is “personal contacts”, that is, to establish and maintain communities to facilitate transactions; on the other hand, it can solve the problem of consumers’ self-help. This is one of the reasons why shops at the door of the community are popular. However, a picture circulated on the Internet shows that the living room at home can serve as a self-help point; on some social platforms, some people describe their own community group buying as follows: they drive van to deliver vegetables to the door of the community every day, and the residents pick up the vegetables before leaving. Therefore, the front room is not a necessary condition for the head of the team, and the delivery man can also take into account the head. < p > < p > in June this year, Wan Lin, President of rookie network, revealed at the 2020 global smart logistics summit that it would upgrade the rookie post station and increase services such as group purchase, laundry and recycling. Look, in minutes, the rookie post station can solve part of the problem of self raised sites. It doesn’t have to be solved by the team leader. < / P > < p > community group buying platforms and team leaders may also be “bedfellows”. At present, it is common for one person to work as a part-time team leader of multiple platforms. Many community group buying also launch their own independent small programs or even apps. Even if there is no leader, consumers can complete the transaction closed loop. < / P > < p > it is not difficult to see that the team leader hopes to hold several posts and collect wool from several platforms; the platform hopes to keep consumers directly on the platform. Once users get used to it, it is possible to kick off part-time team leaders or build their own distribution team leaders. < / P > < p > and commission, because it is an expansion period, so the platform gives high commission, wantonly recruits leaders, and almost zero threshold. Some information shows that some platforms give the regiment a commission of up to 25%. However, some netizens think that whether it is online car Hailing or takeout, drivers and takeout boys in the early stage had a “relaxed monthly salary of more than 10000 yuan”, and now there is a lot of difference. The same is true for group buying in communities. Once the expansion period is over, you can imagine the future days of the group leader. < / P > < p > “at present, community group buying is only in its infancy. What you see today is certainly not the final mode in the future.” Hou Yi, founder and CEO of HEMA Xiansheng, pointed out. Wanlian Securities pointed out in a research paper that new business forms such as fresh e-commerce and community group buying will catalyze the industry reshuffle progress, which is expected to become an opportunity for the business supermarket industry to break the situation. < / P > < p > some netizens said, “from e-commerce war to takeout war, from online car Hailing to bike sharing, it is still a familiar formula and a familiar taste.” “Sow first, then reap. Whatever you collect, you will be cut.” < / P > < p > there are many netizens who worry about “killing all the peddlers who sell vegetables. Will the price of vegetables go up at will?” “After monopoly, the price will increase. If you don’t have 30 or 50 yuan, you can eat clean and decent takeout?” < / P > < p > after the group purchase in the community, it is still difficult to draw a conclusion on whether the price of vegetables will rise or fall. It is not easy to say whether there will be monopoly. However, according to media reports, in view of the future trend of community group buying, Chen Ying, CEO of ten star group, once said that community group buying will not be the only one. Global Tech