But now it seems that the situation is changing. According to media reports, the proportion of men and women in some occupations is quietly changing, but there is still a stereotype that there are almost no female practitioners in some positions. Take the express logistics industry now, people who often buy online should find that the people who send express delivery are basically men, and the word “express brother” also arises at the historic moment. < / P > < p > this is because the courier is to solve the “last mile” problem of express delivery, which is only a link in the express logistics industry. Unlike men, most of them work in physical and labor-intensive logistics positions, while women in express logistics industry work behind the scenes. With the emergence of intelligent logistics, women are more engaged in technical work such as intelligent sorting, automatic distribution and supply chain commodity management. It is also true that the couriers shuttling through the streets are basically male. According to the estimation of the State Post Office, China’s annual express business volume will exceed 75 billion pieces in 2020, and the per capita express parcel volume will be nearly 60 pieces, which is about twice the global average level. Today, the State Post Office pointed out at a special press conference on the service guarantee of express delivery service in peak season. The peak season of this year covers 103 days from the beginning of November to the eve of the Spring Festival (February 12, 2021). Women will also play a more important role in the logistics industry. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure