Recently, Mazda and Toyota both said that they would increase capital by $830 million in the joint venture factory in Alabama, the United States, to improve production lines and production processes. So far, the two companies have invested 2.3 billion US dollars (about 15.9 billion yuan) in Alabama factories. According to previous planning, the plant will be officially put into operation in 2021 with an annual capacity of 300000 vehicles, with Mazda and Toyota each accounting for 150000 vehicles.

in addition, the factory will solve 4000 local jobs. In return, Mazda and Toyota will receive an additional $97 million tax credit from the local government.

Mazda and Toyota announced in 2018 to jointly establish a new plant in Alabama in response to the requirements of reviving the American automobile industry. This is also Mazda’s first factory in the United States, which is of great significance to the globalization of Mazda’s production capacity layout.

in September this year, the United States and Japan jointly signed a trade agreement, reducing the tariffs on agricultural products, Japanese machine tools and other products in the United States. However, the issue of automobile import that both sides are concerned about has been postponed to future negotiations.

in recent years, the United States has often threatened to raise tariffs, but has not made specific actions. Facing the presidential election in November this year, the United States is likely to put “increasing import vehicle tariffs” on its agenda again.

therefore, it is generally believed in the industry that Mazda and Toyota’s capital increase for the new Alabama plant at this time point not only have the intention of strengthening the investment performance in the United States, but also can increase the local production in the U.S. market as soon as possible, so as to avoid the loss of market share when the tariff changes. Global Tech