Alphabet’s x subsidiary has many leading-edge projects under development, so it’s always exciting when one of them is ready for actual deployment. On Tuesday, X announced that its & quot; project taara & quot; high-speed optical wireless broadband service is working with internet provider Econet and its subsidiaries to begin promoting its technology in sub Saharan Africa. < / P > < p > this deployment was carried out after a series of small-scale pilot projects in Kenya, but now taara and Econet are ready to start adding high-speed wireless optical links to supplement and enhance the service scope of Econet. Taara is another way to extend the coverage of broadband networks to areas on earth that are usually not accessible or high-speed because of infrastructure challenges. < / P > < p > x’s taara is essentially a cable free fiber-optic network cable that uses a narrow, invisible beam of light to transmit data between two terminals, with a span of nearly 12.5 miles and a transmission speed of up to 20gbps, which means that they can be used to connect thousands of customers or homes while providing high enough speed to transmit high Quality video stream. < / P > < p > taara’s technology can basically be used to repair gaps in traditional fiber-optic networks, across rivers or across terrain that is difficult or impossible to cross using underground or above ground cables, but they do require uninterrupted light transmission, so x places them on tall structures to help ensure this, which also means they are best suited to fill traditional networks But not necessarily to build a new network. But it’s relatively easy and cheap to get these things up and running and work with existing network infrastructure, compared to efforts like alphabet’s Loon stratospheric balloon or SpaceX’s Starlink satellite network. < / P > < p > x has been piloting taara in a number of deployments around the world, and now all indications are that it is moving towards commercial maturity, and it will be put into use relatively quickly in more places as a complement to the existing network. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure