Colt asked about the limitations of the feature’s support and whether it would be available in the original Xbox one game or for the Xbox one X enhanced game. This question is in response to watchdog 2, which runs at 900p on the Xbox one, so FPS boost allows it to maintain this resolution on the Xbox series console and effectively double the frame rate.

Jason replied that this should be based on the specific work, and suggested that all factors, such as resolution and effect, be examined to determine whether FPS boost will lead to performance improvement.

“So it’s the performance of the game that ultimately decides whether we’re going to turn it on or not,” Jason says. “As I said, you know we see the game as a black box, so we can’t change the original source code.”

“We’re testing these games. In some cases, we have decided that if we reduce the system resolution slightly during the game running, we can double the frame rate of the effect. So, that’s why we make it a player’s choice, because some players choose resolution over frame rate, and some players choose frame rate over resolution. So we put control in the hands of the players. “

Jason mentioned that in some cases, for games that they think can release resources, they will disable anisotropic filtering and other effects to release GPU resources, and achieve the goal they want through FPS boost. He also mentioned that some games may already run at 60 frames per second on xsx, but they also want to support XSS, so they will try to deploy FPS boost function on S and X at the same time, so as to benefit both players. Finally, it all depends on the game, they will determine the best result according to each situation, but it does not mean the best resolution or visual effect.