According to foreign media reports, social media giants including Facebook, twitter and snap have faced a number of lawsuits over the years, ranging from damaging users’ privacy and selling their personal data to third parties, to censorship and interference in political elections. This week, Xerox PARC filed a lawsuit in the Central District Court of California, accusing Facebook of using several of its patents on its apps and websites. < / P > < p > specifically, these patents are related to the technologies used in Facebook’s core functions such as news feed, notification, group functions, automatic content filtering, and its main revenue driver: personalized and targeted advertising services. In court documents, PARC explained that it had been at the forefront of technological innovation for more than 50 years. In addition to inventing the first personal computer, PARC was responsible for many cutting-edge technologies that we now consider indispensable in our daily life, such as laser printers, Ethernet, the windows, pop-up menus and icons that make up today’s computer & quot; desktop; the word processing program that led to Microsoft Word; and the computer animation system that later won Emmy and Academy Awards. &By contrast, Facebook is seen as a relatively young social media company & quot; and its success owes much to Xerox PARC’s patents in decades of research. < p > < p > Xerox has also sued twitter and snap for infringing most of the same patents, but there are few details about these specific complaints. For now, Xerox appears to be seeking an agreement with the two companies, but that could take years to achieve. It is said that “gta5” will be launched on Google cloud game platform stadia