Maglev is an important direction of intelligent transportation in the future. Previously, Shanghai built the first maglev train in China. Now Xiangyang, Hubei Province, is preparing to build a maglev bus route with a total length of 5.3 km and an investment of about 800 million yuan. On October 11, we learned from the construction headquarters of Hanjiang MRT equipment headquarters base that the Xiangyang tram center project, which is being accelerated, < / P > < p > Xiangyang tram center project, is a research and development office complex project jointly built by CRRC Urban Transportation Co., Ltd., Xiangyang municipal government and Yicheng municipal government, which integrates demonstration operation, popular science education, conference and office. The project is located in Yicheng city, covering an area of 51.6 mu. It is mainly used for the construction of lightweight maglev bus system demonstration line, tram display center and innovation demonstration factory. The official account of high speed rail transit is not mentioned in

Xiangyang daily. However, from the report of Xiangyang life public, the maglev bus is divided into two phases, one phase 1.2+1.4 km, two phase project 2.7 km long, the line will be drawn from the tram center experimental base, and finally arrive at the planned Yicheng high speed rail station. < / P > < p > the speed of this maglev bus system can reach 100-120 km / h, and it can transport 60-10000 people per hour in one direction, with a comprehensive cost of 150 million yuan / km. It is jointly developed by CRRC Tongji Research Institute and the national Maglev Transportation Engineering Technology Research Center. More Samsung devices can now run Android applications on PC through your phone