Google has quietly released a new color of pixel 4a, blue, named “barely blue.”. Previously, Google pixel 4A was available in black only. According to foreign media reports, the blue color of Google pixel 4a is a limited model, which is only sold in the U.S. market. It is expected to be released in Japan later. The price is 349 U.S. dollars (about 2300 yuan). In terms of specifications, Google pixel 4A adopts a 5.81 inch hole digging screen, a high pass snapdragon 730g processor, 6GB memory + 128GB storage, a 12.2 million camera, a 3140 MAH battery and a 3.5mm headphone hole. < / P > < p > in addition, as Google’s “Pro son”, Google pixel 4a, like pixel 5, will enjoy the treatment of updating Android version for the first time. No surprise, it will take the lead to try Android 12 next year. Global Tech