On December 28, Xinhua News Agency issued an article pointing out that the regulatory authorities should further standardize the business model of blind box. Affected by this, the stock price of mingchuang Youpin fell by more than 7% before trading. At the same time, the stock price of bubble mart, the first stock in the blind box, also dropped nearly 10% today. < / P > < p > recently, mingchuang Youpin announced the launch of its new brand “toptoy”. Its first flagship store was officially opened in Zhengjia Plaza in Guangzhou on December 18, with nearly 1500 SKUs. It is understood that “toptoy” is positioned as Asia trendy play collection store, focusing on the consumer groups of men and women aged 10-40. Its products cover seven core categories, including blind box, art trendy play, Riman handmade, Meiman handmade, doll model, assembly model and building block. < / P > < p > in response to the current hot blind box fever, Xinhua News Agency pointed out in the article that behind the surprise and expectation, addiction and gambling psychology brought by the “blind box fever” are also breeding abnormal consumption, and many blind box lovers spend a lot of money every month, just as the so-called “once you enter the blind box, it’s like the sea, and then the wallet is a passer-by.”. In addition, the article also said that experts suggest that parents and teachers should guide minors to form a good concept of consumption to avoid falling into the trap of consumption. At the same time, the regulatory authorities should further standardize the blind box business model to avoid its abnormal development and negative impact on the society and the growth of young people. After 12 years, “world class Super project” Shantou Bay Tunnel ushers in a historic breakthrough today