It is reported that xinhuazhang will also provide professional technical support in terms of ease of use, practicability and stability, and will build an open-source ecological community with openness and collaboration, so as to accelerate EDA innovation and reduce its use threshold, and improve the efficiency of integrated circuit innovation while accelerating the improvement of China’s EDA industry chain. The integrated circuit industry is an important cornerstone for the development of “new infrastructure” fields such as 5g, artificial intelligence and data center. The huge market potential under the new infrastructure has given birth to more small and medium-sized chip design companies with ideal technology. However, the EDA industry, the source of supporting chip innovation in China, still has some shortcomings. Its high R & D investment and high R & D threshold have been restricting the development of China’s EDA industry in the past. The high investment in chip design and the time and R & D cost brought by the huge design scale make the verification work in the chip design process become the key point of the success or failure of the chip. Therefore, it is urgent to release the innovative vitality of EDA verification products with flexible, commercial level and perfect use scheme. < p > < p > the industry’s first open source product launched by xinhuazhang is a verification simulation tool. Among the EDA open source products, it has the fastest dynamic simulation speed in the industry, can obtain at least twice the performance improvement, and greatly improve the software quality and debugging ability, and support Verilog language more comprehensively, so as to improve the verification efficiency of chip design. < / P > < p > this product will be officially launched in EDA open source ecological community in mid September, providing real R & D efficiency improvement for Chinese chip design companies. Wang Libin, the founder and chairman of xinhuazhang, said that China’s EDA enterprises must make concerted efforts to open up the internal circulation of China’s integrated circuit industry and promote the development pattern of domestic and international dual circulation. < p > < p > core Huazhang The vision of “defining the smart future from the core” is to develop innovative product strategies. While integrating the new technology infrastructure to create a new generation of EDA products for the future, it also introduces commercial level open-source products based on classic EDA technology, so as to accelerate the improvement of China’s integrated circuit EDA industry chain, promote the rapid development of IC design community, and accelerate China’s EDA technology Break through and work hard to help more enterprises with technological ideals quickly achieve the “core” goal. According to the official introduction, “xinhuazhang” means to open a new chapter in China’s chip industry. It was founded in March 2020 by an aspiring EDA (integrated circuit electronic automation) elite founding team, dedicated to the R & D, production, sales and technical services of fully domestic independent research and development of integrated circuit electronic automation (EDA) intelligent software and system. Global Tech