Microsoft’s emphasis on downward compatibility is an important part of their strategy in recent years, especially on the new host Xbox series X / s. The enhanced functions they provide for this project have attracted many people’s attention. Recently, they promised to share some more equally exciting news, which has now arrived.


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Microsoft has announced FPS boost for Xbox series X / s downward compatibility project. As the name suggests, FPS boost will natively enhance the number of frames of some games, usually doubling or even quadrupling their performance. FPS boost is open to users of all new hosts from today. For the first time, five games have been launched, benefiting from them — “watchdog 2”, “island horror 4”, “sniper elite 4”, “ufc4” and “Legend of new super lachi”.

Paul eng, senior project manager at Xbox, said: “we chose these initial games not only because they were popular among fans, but also to highlight that FPS boost can improve players’ game experience in many different ways.”.

Among these games, “Legend of new super lachi” is now running with a greatly improved 120fps, while “ufc4” is only for Xbox series s, realizing 60fps. Meanwhile, according to digital foundry, “lone island 4”, “watchdog 2” and “sniper elite 4” can now reach 60fps.

In addition, the enhancements applied to these games will also be implemented on Xbox game pass. Among the first games mentioned above, only “Legend of new super lachi” and “sniper elite 4” are still in Xbox game pass.

In the future, more games will benefit from FPS boost. Meanwhile, Microsoft will add new menu icons and system settings to the upcoming system update. One of the settings will allow you to turn on or off FPS boost and automatic HDR in the Xbox menu at the same time.