Led by Cai Minghong, the father of Xuanyuan sword, and produced by Domo studio of Daewoo information, Xuanyuan sword 7, a new classic stand-alone role-playing game, has recently released its behind the scenes feature Vol.5: dubbing special, which leads players to understand the live highlights of the game dubbing. How is the dubbing of < / P > < p > developed? Here are the live highlights of the dubbing part of Xuanyuan sword 7. What do the voice actors think about the role of the game? What is the origin of the strange “archaic sayings” in the mouth of Taishi Zhaokou? These will be revealed in this video. In the end, Su Wan will present a piece of “swaddling songs” to commemorate the dream years of Tai Shi’s childhood in Hunan. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure