Yamaha, which has a wide product line, has just launched a new musical instrument which is beyond the expectation of many people. It is the first yds-150 digital saxophone. Although some MIDI elements may be missing, from sound generation to button layout, it claims to bring real sensory feedback. From the appearance, yds-150 faithfully reproduced the key position of traditional Saxophone instruments. Not only experienced players are familiar with this, but novices can also use it to lay a solid foundation. < p > < p > Yamaha said that the yds-150 digital Saxophone integrates a proprietary sound enhancement system, and the sound and vibration of the top speaker unit can be transmitted through the voice tube to the copper bell mouth at the bottom. < p > < p > it is said that this vibration mode is almost the same as that of traditional saxophone, that is, the player drives the vibration of the reed by exhaling, and then transmits it to the fingertip through the keys. < / P > < p > although the digital Saxophone can feel the pressure of breathing and change the tone, in most cases, no matter how the player blows, the yds-150 can provide a consistent sound so that users can focus on fingering and creativity. < / P > < p > Brian Petterson added: the yds-150 eliminates the high precision requirements of traditional instruments, making it easy for anyone to learn to play or pick up the instrument again after years of letting go, bringing a consistent high-quality music experience. < / P > < p > it is reported that Yamaha has provided the yds-150 with more than 70 kinds of analog sound effects, 50 styles of timbres, and even a headset jack for non disturbing practice. With the help of five types of click effects, and can play with other instruments through aux input. < / P > < p > yds-150 uses four AAA batteries or microusb interface for power supply. By pairing with the mobile device running the YDS controller application, users can also set and adjust the tone and custom fingering of the instrument with the help of Bluetooth. < / P > < p > the recommended retail price of the product is US $1078 (about 7343 RMB) and will be available in November 2020. Accessories include a neck strap, a mouthpiece, a synthetic reed, and a convenient carrying case. Privacy Policy