According to foreign media reports, gardening is a very beneficial thing for many people, but there are still some garden related work that is very troublesome. The yardroid robot was designed to solve this problem, and it is reported that it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to accomplish this task excellently. Yardroid looks like a miniature tank. It is understood that it can hold a liter of water in its “belly”. In addition, it has a cabin for storing herbicides and insecticides at the back. The lawn mowing leaves are below, and a stable rotating turret is in the front. < / P > < p > it is reported that the turret is equipped with a camera, an LED spotlight, a leaf blower and three separate nozzles, which can spray water, herbicides or pesticides. < / P > < p > yardroid is said to be able to use on-board computer vision and AI to mow its own lawn according to its planned route. There is no need for peripheral wires, and the height of the blade can be adjusted through the matching Smartphone Application. < / P > < p > in addition, the robot can also discover plants that are watered according to its watering schedule and spray water on them. There are also reports that it can identify weeds and pests on the spot and spray them with herbicides or insecticides. It can even spray water to “stop” large visitors like raccoons. < / P > < p > by the way, it can also blow the leaves off the sidewalk. In addition, it can patrol at night, send smart phone alerts, and issue an audible warning when an intruder is found. Yardroid will also record videos of suspects and even spray water on them if they refuse to leave. If they simply steal the robot, the owner can track the robot’s location with a portable GPS device. It is learned that when the water tap of yardp > is equipped with a special water tap, the water supply to the water tank will become lower and lower. As for herbicides and insecticides, users need to supplement them manually. < p > < p > yardroid CEO Dan ludich said the product is now fully operational in its prototype state, and designers are collecting more data to train its AI system. He plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign early next year and commercial promotion around the middle of next year. The retail price of the product is about $2500. Global Tech