Biostar announced the launch of P500 portable SSD series, providing three options of 512gb, 1TB or 2TB capacity, aluminum body design and RGB LED lighting. RGB indicator lights are also arranged on both sides of the Biostar logo in the center of the solid-state disk, so the effect is very “electronic competition” after power on. All aluminum fuselage not only brings a very durable portable SSD, but also provides a good heat dissipation effect for the internal components of SSD. < / P > < p > this RGB indicator light uses an intelligent switch. When the SSD is tilted to 45 degrees, the intelligent switch will stop lighting. When it is placed flat on the surface, the RGB light will automatically turn on. If the SSD is not working, the light bar will turn into breathing mode. < / P > < p > P500 portable SSD series adopts USB 3.2 Gen 2 type-C interface, which can achieve the theoretical transmission rate of 10Gbps. The interface can also provide stable transmission and is widely compatible with computers, game machines and other devices. < / P > < p > although there are three planning capacities, only 512 models and 1TB models can find product pages on Yingtai’s website at present, which may mean that 2TB version still needs to wait for a while to appear on the market. Global Tech