According to reports, young politicians have begun to learn to use video sharing platform tiktok to help their party win votes from generation Z (meaning those born in 1995-2009, also known as Internet generation and Internet generation). This trend has enabled the emerging social media company to take an unusually valuable share of the political market that has been dominated by social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter and instagram for more than a decade. < / P > < p > according to an analysis of public data, about 15% of the 100 million U.S. users using tiktok will vote in the general election for the first time this year. According to previous media reports, about 60% of tiktok users are between 16 and 24 years old. “Tiktok is a relatively new platform, people present information differently than any other platform, so we have control,” says Christopher & quot; Topher & quot; Townsend, 29, from Mississippi < / P > < p > toffer is a rapper and an air force veteran. Last December, he started talking about politics on tiktok, and since then he has had a large following. Toffer is also a member of tiktok’s “conservative hype house,” a group of like-minded users. They posted conservative content on the app, with more than 1.5 million fans. The hype house is not unique to conservatives. There are many different “hype house” groups on tiktok, some are about politics, some are about music, and some are just groups of young people living in luxury. Some of them even get along day and night, producing content under the same roof. “We engage in dialogue, listen to each other’s opinions, discuss current affairs in depth, and our team is best known for debating,” toffer said. At present, we have held many debates among other tiktok creators, political authorities or other hype organizations. ” < / P > < p > in addition to the “house of speculation”, tiktok has other types of official political accounts to represent political parties in the county or state. For example, Jefferson County, Texas, Democratic Party, etc. Many of the hype houses have accounts on other social media platforms such as instagram. < / P > < p > about two months ago, 18-year-old Jackie Ni started memepac, an account that uses images and other interactive digital content on social media to raise money and educate and influence young fans. < p > < p > PAC has three official generation Z team members, as well as some volunteers, and has raised about $3000 in grass-roots donations, with an average of $5-10 per donation. “Memes have a great influence on online political discourse, and they are a huge driving force for Trump’s election in 2016,” Ni said. This year, I want to turn on memes and use them to oppose, rather than support, Donald Trump, and thus advance the cause of progress. ” < p > < p > memepac is also a new member of the hype house. Novel coronavirus pandemic, tense ethnic situation and democratic process itself are facing many crises this year. After I took over AP last year, I didn’t know what PAC was. But after seeing the impact of the Lincoln project, I want to create my own super PAC, focusing on young people, just as Lincoln plans to focus on Republicans. ” < / P > < p > toffer said: “when I make a video, I put the source of the article in the background, highlight the background, and then follow the article for a month, explaining ‘why is this’ and’ why it’s that way ‘. I think it will make it easier for young viewers to understand, because a lot of the time, when you see journalists in the mainstream media, they are talking and they don’t know what to say < / P > < p > toffer added that members of the conservative hype house are committed to breaking down complex information and obtaining the sources of content they are talking about so that their followers can believe the information they share. “Technology makes it easier to access information, so there are fact checkers and all kinds of ways to verify that someone is telling the truth,” says toffer. And when I was a kid, there was no Internet, and we didn’t have a place for us to verify that someone was telling the truth Toffer also said the Conservative Party’s hype about the house of Representatives “absolute” had an impact on young people’s turnout. “I’ve received a lot of direct messages from people telling me that what I’ve shared has helped them become an informed voter.” Ni said that although some of the discussions on tiktok may become intense, most of the discussions are rational and productive, in part because the comic atmosphere of the app helps ease tension. Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen