The three largest social networks said they would work with fact checking agencies, governments and researchers to try to come up with a new way to deal with misinformation. Misinformation about the vaccine abounds on Facebook, twitter and Youtube, leading many to question its efficacy. < / P > < p > at the same time, countries are preparing to launch new coronal vaccines to end the epidemic. It is not clear how the move will improve the fight against fake news. Full fact, a fact checking charity, will coordinate the collaboration. < / P > < p > along with Facebook, Google’s youtube and twitter, the UK Ministry of digital, culture, media and sports, the Reuters news Institute, Africa check, the Canadian privacy Commission Office and five other international fact checking organizations are also involved in the work. < / P > < p > a preliminary framework, funded by Facebook, will be launched in January, setting new standards for handling error messages, as well as a set of goals for the best way to deal with it. < / P > < p > the latest attempt to agree on a common approach to new coronavirus and vaccine misinformation may not convince critics of the social media giant that they are doing enough. Fullfact, one of Facebook’s fact checking organizations, said it had released 160 fact checks on new coronaviruses and vaccines this year, and then applied warning labels to thousands of posts. But Centre for counting digital hat, a sports group, says 95% of this material on social media has not been removed and covers a wide audience. < / P > < p > another challenge for this initiative will be to get social media giants that take a different approach to misinformation agree on a common set of rules. At the same time, the call for emergency legislation in Britain has become impatient with the wrong message from politicians. Cooperation and ensuring that people have a reliable information supply will be the core principles, according to full fact. Will Moy, CEO of full fact, added: “bad information can kill lives, and we all have a responsibility to fight it where we see it. The popularity of the new crown and the subsequent wave of false claims suggest that a collective approach is needed to address this problem. ” < p > < p > he said that with the arrival of the new crown vaccine, it could be only a few months, and the concern was that “bad information could undermine trust in medicine at the most important time and eventually prolong the epidemic.”. Skip to content