According to reports, in order to effectively protect the ecological environment of the Everest base camp, it is necessary to enter the Everest base camp with electric buses. As early as 2017, Yutong cooperated with Mount Everest scenic spot to jointly develop and launch this Yutong electric vehicle. < / P > < p > after several verifications and audits by field surveyors, Guinness certification officer announced that Yutong electric bus reached the highest altitude of 5143.41 meters, exceeding the current record of 5100 meters. Yutong Bus won the title of “the highest altitude of electric bus driving”. < / P > < p > according to the network data, in 2019, the cumulative sales volume of Yutong Bus reached 58633, with a market share of 30.92%, which was the “first brother” in the domestic bus market with more than 5 meters, and its sales volume was more than twice that of the second enterprise. According to the first half year performance report recently released by Yutong Bus, in the first half of 2020, Yutong Bus achieved sales volume of 14898 vehicles and revenue of 7.611 billion yuan. By April 2020, Yutong Bus has exported 73000 passenger cars, becoming the “giant vehicle enterprise” of China’s commercial bus enterprises. Global Tech