Compared with the previous “Zelda matchless all star hailalu” and “matchless fire lines”, this “Revelation of Zelda’s matchless calamity” is very special, which is a prequel work related to the plot under the world view of “the rest of the wilderness”. The official version will be available on November 20, and a free trial version will be available on October 28. Today, let’s talk about the game experience. < / P > < p > Nintendo released the trial version of the book after the mini meeting in October. Nearly half an hour later, the major social platforms and game communities were overwhelmed by criticism such as the low number of frames, the serious loss of frames, the poor comparison of light and shadow with this article, and the blurred resolution. < / P > < p > in the first battle of the game, the frame drop is very obvious. The frame rate of some small maps is stable. In terms of resolution, due to the cartoon rendered picture, it looks quite comfortable in TV mode, but it can be obviously blurred in handheld mode. Compared with the original picture of “the rest of the wilderness”, this work has a very obvious gap. In addition to the resolution and frame rate, the modeling and lighting in the scene do not look as good as the original. This may be due to the use of glory’s own engine. < / P > < p > in fact, from the official live broadcast of TGS glory, we can see the obvious fluctuation of frame number and resolution. The trial version given by the government is likely to be the same version that TGS showed more than a month ago. This version was created, perhaps even two months ago. Therefore, during the three-month period from this version to the official release, there may be some improvement in optimization. < / P > < p > of course, it is better to have optimization, but if this is the final version, we will have to rely on the legendary New switch with better performance. Many recent games, including this one, have adopted dynamic resolution without locking the upper limit of frame number, which may be to facilitate better picture performance on the new switch. The characters that can be manipulated in the trial version include link, Zelda and INPA. What can be confirmed in the official version is that four heroes can also become available roles. < p > < p > there are three characters available at present, link uses sword shield, Selda uses hicka stone, INPA is ninja. As a result, they are not the same in terms of attack mode, combat strategy and feel. Personally, I like the operation of INPA after the shadow separation. The sense of attack is relatively good, and the viewing is also very good. Of course, there are also the frame dropping problems mentioned above. However, in general, there are obvious deficiencies in running, skills and other operations, as well as the sense of attack in combat. When using some skills, due to the interference of frame rate fluctuation, I can’t even tell whether it is stuck or the hit stop frame set by the system. Especially for the players who have recently played “the rest of the wilderness” or have already formed muscle memory, they may be disappointed with the feeling of the hand when they first start writing. < / P > < p > although from the perspective of the whole process structure, this work is divided into chapters and selective design, which does not have the almost completely open degree of freedom of the original work, but considering that the main purpose of this work is narration, there is no problem in this design. And although levels and playable elements can only be unlocked one by one with the progress of the process, this does not prevent players from playing the previous level. < / P > < p > in combat, there are still many objects that can be destroyed, such as wooden boxes, trees, etc., and can also be used to attack objects such as iron boxes in the scene. In addition, although the battle rhythm is relatively fast, there are still many “aha ha” for players to explore. Since there are few playable levels at present, it is difficult to say whether this design will have any impact on the combat experience. According to the content of the trial version, although there are many changes in the system, it is still faithful to a lot of details in the original. These details not only endow the world with vitality, but also make us have more expectations for the sequel of the rest of the wilderness. Before that, both the official press release and the title of the propaganda film all defined it as “the story happened 100 years ago in the interest of the wilderness”. < / P > < p > but from the video at the beginning of the trial version, we can see that the little Guardian goes back through time and space. At the moment of disaster and Selda’s awakening, the little Guardian wakes up. < / P > < p > it realizes that disaster has come and the situation is irreparable. Therefore, the little Guardian opened the time tunnel and went back to the eve of disaster. From the official perspective, the plot of this work should be on the same time axis as the rest of the wilderness. However, according to the current story of the little Guardian crossing time and space, the plot of this novel should be parallel universe. In addition, the subtitles also refer to “another story” in the plot. Of course, there is no if line in the plot rate of this work, that is to say, the ending is still that everyone is defeated. But judging from the strict Selda setting, it is not in the same time axis as the story of the rest of the wilderness. Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen