After tmall double 11, Alibaba Group executives went into the logistics warehouse to thank the courier has become a routine. This year, tmall double 11 has generated 2.321 billion logistics orders. Zhang Yong said, “the growth of double 11 benefits from China’s commercial momentum and consumption vitality, and is also the result of the great collaboration of the whole society. Thank you to every partner and every courier.” Zhang Yong experienced the “pleasure” of terminal logistics in Cangyi Dongyuan, Yuhang District, Hangzhou and the rookie post station of Zhejiang University. From entering the station, scanning the code, identifying the shelf where the package is located, scanning after getting the package, and walking out of the station, the whole process is less than 1 minute. Through the transformation of IOT technology, there are more than 10000 rookie stations in the country that can pick up items by themselves without feeling. < p > < p > Shentong express completed and put into operation a new intelligent logistics park and digital distribution center at the end of October, handling millions of Express items in and out of the port in a day. < / P > < p > this year, the double 11 orders undertaken by Zhongtong express increased rapidly compared with the same period of last year, but the speed was faster. Through a system, all the distribution centers and vehicle operation in China can be seen and dispatched in real time. This year, Yuantong Express has also developed a new system to concentrate the information of distribution center, vehicle, package and courier in mobile phone terminal, which improves the human efficiency by 30%. It also connects the merchant and the express terminal directly through the system to process the package progress in real time. < / P > < p > Zhang Yong also proposed that “the express box recycling desk should be closer to the place where students can pick up the express. If you have the tools to dismantle the express, you will find it more convenient.” He suggested that green recycling of express cartons could be extended to more express terminals. Skip to content