Inadvertently, Chinese chip companies have entered a new field. Recently, Xi’an Ziguang Guoxin announced the launch of gddr6 memory controller and physical interface IP (gddr6 MC / PHY IP) with 12NM technology. Ziguang Guoxin has made DDR memory chips and NAND flash memory chips before. It is the first time to launch the IP chips related to video memory, and the level is not low. The process of < / P > < p > uses the 12 nm LP low-power technology of GF lattice core, and it also makes gddr6 storage controller and physical interface IP (gddr6 MC / PHY IP). You can understand it as the main control chip of gddr6 video memory. < p > < p > according to Ziguang Guoxin, this gddr6 MC / PHY IP includes a configurable memory controller (MC), which fully complies with dfi3.1 and AMBA axi4.0 standards, and allows design engineers to generate gddr6 controllers with optimized delay and bandwidth to meet the requirements of high-performance applications, such as video cards, game machines and AI computing. < / P > < p > is integrated with mainstream gddr6 storage granules, and is verified by tape test that the performance of the IP meets the design specification requirements at the data rate of 12gbps / 14gbps / 16gbps. When the data rate is 16 Gbps, the average maximum power consumption per DQ is less than 4 MW / Gbps. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities