On October 10, Ziguang zhanrui released Huben T710 development board. The product is an eight core high-performance artificial intelligence motherboard, equipped with purple light zhanrui AI processor Huben T710, built-in neural network processor NPU, with powerful AI computing power performance, up to 3.2tops. According to the introduction, in addition to the typical scenario of intelligent medical treatment, Huben T710 development board can also be used in a variety of scenarios to meet its computing performance requirements, including intelligent retail, intelligent medical, intelligent education, intelligent agriculture, intelligent assisted driving and other fields. < p > < p > purple light zhanrui Huben is equipped with T710 eight core processor. The processor adopts four core cortex-a75 + four small core cortex-a55 architecture, and the main frequency is 2.0GHz. The system integrates AI neural network processor NPU, supports multiple neural network quantization methods of int8 / int16 / fp16, and has a comprehensive computing power of 4.2tops and an energy efficiency ratio of more than 2.5tops/w. < p > < p > T710 development board has strong model compatibility, which can directly apply tensorflow / tensorflow LITE / Caffe / onnx general model, and provide AI development tools such as model transformation and end-to-side conversion API. In addition, T710 development board has a variety of external interfaces, supporting I2C, SPI, UART, GPIO, USB2.0 / 3.0, I2S and TF card. In the application field, Huben T710 can support a wide range of scenarios, including face recognition, intelligent assisted driving, intelligent warehousing, intelligent retail, intelligent payment, intelligent agriculture, intelligent medical care and intelligent education. The development board supports HDMI 1.4, mipi-dsi multiple display and output interfaces, and has strong hardware encoding and decoding capabilities [email protected] Support H.264, h.265, VP8, VP9 and other formats. < / P > < p > at the same time, the development board supports the Linux operating system, conforms to the 96board CE specification, and is standardized according to the 96board CE specification. It also provides the standard 40pin low-speed expansion port and 60pin high-speed expansion port. More functions can be realized through the 96board standard expansion board. < / P > < p > in addition, Huben T710 development board supports dual Mipi cameras, and has dual Mipi CSI interfaces, which can realize simultaneous input of two-way camera data. Built in hardware ISP, up to 24mpixel + 8mpixel. And support wired and wireless networks. It supports Gigabit Ethernet wired interface and Wi Fi 802.11a/b/n/ac. Skip to content

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