Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the most popular information in the new era of Facebook vaccine,

social networking giant Facebook CEO Mark said on Monday. Zuckerberg said novel coronavirus pneumonia has been linked to the incoming Biden administration to help cope with the new crown Facebook pandemic. “There are some important things that we can work together on,” he said. “We are already planning to push authoritative information about vaccines.” Although Zuckerberg said in May that social media companies should not be arbiters of the truth, Facebook has actually taken a number of steps this year to provide accurate information and debunk lies. The novel coronavirus pneumonia Information Center was launched in March this year. In August, the Facebook took the same measures for the US general election, launched the election information center, and launched the climate change information center in September. In addition, Facebook announced a new policy in September aimed at limiting the dissemination of information by health advisory organizations, and in October it announced a ban on advertising that would discourage people from getting vaccinated. (author / Xiao Yu) < A= target=_ blank>The release and download schedule of Microsoft Flight Simulation varies from region to region