In the early morning of December 9, Beijing time, according to the minutes of the meeting obtained by the Bureau of investigative journalism and published on the Internet on Tuesday, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, met privately with Matt Hancock, then the Minister of digital, culture, media and sports of the British government, two years ago Zuckerberg has threatened to withdraw its investment in the UK. < / P > < p > the summary was released after a two-year struggle for freedom of information, providing a summary of the dialogue between the two at the vivatech Technology Conference in Paris in May 2018. Zuckerberg talked about “the anti technology British government and jokingly said that he would add Britain to the ranks of the only country in the world that he would not visit”, but the minutes concealed what he said was another country. In response, a Facebook spokesman said: “the UK is our largest engineering center outside the United States. This year alone, we have created 1000 new jobs in the UK. ” According to the minutes, Zuckerberg said the UK was a “clear territory” for Facebook to invest in Europe, but he said the company was looking to other countries because of Facebook’s criticism in the UK. Zuckerberg also said he supported the UK’s decision to regulate the Internet, but he was “concerned about the tone (in the UK)”. < / P > < p > Hancock was reported to explain to Zuckerberg that he wanted to “use this decision to legislate as a new beginning in the relationship between the British government and the (Facebook) platform.”. “The tone can change from threatening regulation to ensuring that legislation is proportionate and innovative,” Hancock added < / P > < p > Zuckerberg’s meeting with Hancock was set against the backdrop of Facebook’s high profile scandal at Cambridge analytics, when tens of millions of Facebook users’ data were stolen and used for political campaigns. In March 2018, Hancock made a promise that he would end the “western wilderness” of technology companies and introduce new regulatory measures to restrain them. He told Zuckerberg at the vivatech technology conference that he wanted to work with Facebook to implement a law “conducive to innovation.”. < / P > < p > it is reported that before Hancock’s meeting with Zuckerberg, the British Ministry of culture had “argued” for several days, hoping that it would be a “positive meeting”. A Facebook spokesman added: “Facebook has long said that we need new regulations to set high standards across the Internet. In fact, last year Mark Zuckerberg called on governments to establish new rules that deal with harmful content, privacy, data portability and electoral integrity. ” Global Tech